Game On Excellence
A path breaking approach to Inspire People
to unlock Personal Excellence
Through the GAME ON EXCELLENCE, speaker and presenter offers a path breaking approach to inspire conference audience to deliver the message of excellence. Combining cutting edge technology with practical learning, this international TV game show module creates high voltage experience like never before. The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your fullest potential, these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

The Solution Is Ideal For

  • Team Building & Collaboration
  • Conference Energizer
  • Edutainment Events

Game On Excellence

TV Game Show + Powerful Debriefs + Music = Path Breaking Approach to Inspire People
How Does It Work?
  • The participants are divided into teams. Each team nominates a leader who is given a high tech RF keypad, which works as the response unit.
  • Game show questions will be projected on the AV screen. All teams send in their responses using the keypads.
  • The game works on the concept of High Risk – High Gains.
  • The presenter adds additional impact by using video feeds, nuggets, anecdotes and the humor, music and prizes deliver elate the audience.
  • The scores are revealed at the appropriate times to hold the audience to the edge of their seats. Music, humor and prizes take the experience to an unbelievable high.
The attributes of excellence in play for the game are
  • Continuous Passion
  • Constant Innovation
  • 1% Extra Effort
  • Role of Failure
  • Staying Relevant
  • Showing Up
  • Bouncing Back
  • Collaboration
Case Studies
Each year Cisco conducts ‘Engage’, a high profile CXO event for its partners and customers. Rahul was engaged to conduct a program to deliver the theme of Innovation and Collaboration.
Microsoft approached Rahul to inspire its sales team and extended his contract to deliver talks to over 700 of its Elite partners.
Rahul along with Pronob Chetia designed and executed the concept of Young Leaders Summit at Volvo as a part of its mega Induction programs.
Sanjay Koul the Managing Director, Timken India got Rahul on board for the sales annual conference of its internal employees and channel partners of all its business.
ICICI Bank commissioned the Game on Excellence program of Rahul for all its sales teams across various products and portfolios during its annual sales meet
Our Happy Customers

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