Rahul was engaged to conduct a program to deliver the theme of Innovation and Collaboration. Rahul won the hearts of people from around the world with his unique offering – Game on Excellence, an International TV Game show based on the theme of Cricket.
Rahul used his powerful tool of technology and combined it with powerful De- briefs using the concept of Game on Excellence.
Rahul designed a full day Intervention laced with Inspiration talks, Panel Discussions, Talks for Industry experts and the evening was dedicated to Bond and learn using the Game on Excellence program.
Even as Rahul delivered his Inspirational talks and experiential programs during the day conference, he used the Game on Excellence program for the evening entertainment which had a good mix of education and entertainment.
Rahul inspired people using the serious business of fun during the 10 sessions that he conducted across the country covering more than 2000 star performers.

The Solution Is Ideal For

  • Team Building & Collaboration
  • Conference Energizer
  • Edutainment Events

Interactive Game Show

eM Play International specializes in the multimedia software that adds the 'oohs' and 'aahs' to your communication.
The incorporation of Audio-Visuals in the interactive games along with the RF (Radio Frequency) keypads engrosses the end-user.

eM Play uses live TV game show type modules to totally enthrall the participants. It's edutainment at its best.

How Does It Work?
The participants are divided into teams. The teams are given a keypad each and they compete with each other on topics that may be customized according to the needs of the client. The questions can be on Cricket, Bollywood, Hollywood, Sports, Trivia etc. with a good mixture of video and image based questions.

The Interactive Game Show is facilitated by the MC of the event.
The Use Scenarios
  • In-house Training Programs
  • Employees Day Out
  • Family Day Out
  • Anniversary Bash
  • Sports Stadium
  • Family Day Carnivals
  • Recreational Parks
  • Exhibitions
  • Pubs
Case Studies
AMD, the leading chip manufacturer, was part of the road trip to Pune, Delhi and Chennai to usher in a new product launch from Microsoft.
Nanavati Hospital
Nanavati Hospital in collaboration with GE Healthcare invited all the budding radiologists in Mumbai and Pune.
The HR of Accenture, Bangalore panned out an initiative to get different project teams along with their families
Oracle meets its business partners across the country to update about the business strategies, initiations on R & D and innovation.
Royal Challengers Bangalore
Royal Challenge, the brand behind the Royal Challengers Bangalore wanted to get in touch with the end consumer to promote the brand name.
Our Happy Customers

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