History: AMD, the leading chip manufacturer, was part of the road trip to Pune, Delhi and Chennai to usher in a new product launch from Microsoft. The campaign kick started in Bangalore with the visit of Mr. Bill Gates. The aim was to get as many eye balls as possible and increase the footfall during the day. The theme was Formula 1 as AMD is associated with Ferrari. The whole stall was decked up like a pit and we had ushers in the formula 1 attire to complete the feeling of the ambience.
Requirement: There is a dire need for an activity revolving around Formula 1 and AMD which can get the audience.
Solution: The interactive Game show, where content is the king, was tailor made to fit in the requirements of AMD. The Game show, through its content not only highlighted the achievements of AMD as an organization but also entertained the audience through formula 1 and general fun questions and left them craving for more!
History: Nanavati Hospital in collaboration with GE Healthcare invited all the budding radiologists in Mumbai and Pune. The paid entry was restricted to a certain number who were privileged to listen from the who’s who of the medical fraternity for over two days.
Requirement: The need was:
  • To break the ice amongst the radiologists to facilitate the off line interaction
  • To make the learning in an interactive mode than in a teaching mode
  • The radiologists were divided into teams and each team was given a keypad
  • Each question had 5 options to choose from
  • Teams could go in for as much as 4 options with varying levels of points associated with each answer option chosen
  • Answers were revealed in an interesting manner to heighten the fun
  • The scores were tabulated automatically to choose the winner
  • The format ensured there is learning, fun and interaction which ensured high energy
History: The HR of Accenture, Bangalore planned out an initiative to get different project teams along with their families together under one roof. It was cheer-led by the HR team at various locations across Bangalore.
Requirement: The intention was to
  • Involve them as a team and family
  • Increase the fun quotient
Solution: Interactive game show with its various modules engaged the trickling crowd and the critical mass. The gathering was divided into teams and the questions from Bollywood, Cricket and General fun kept the families engaged.
The MCQs, Buzzer round and Hangman-like rounds kept the audience hooked.
History: Oracle meets its business partners across the country to update about the business strategies, initiations on R & D and innovation front, various product updates and market positions across verticals.
  • To dispense information in an interactive way
  • To check the information retention on key business aspects
  • To have fun in the exercise
Solution: The business partners were divided into teams and each team was given a wireless keypad to respond to questions. The format of the interactive game show - multiple options and buzzer rounds – was enticing for the business partners to participate in a group, enjoy, share and get educated at the same time.
History: Royal Challenge, the brand behind the Royal Challengers Bangalore wanted to get in touch with the end consumer to promote the brand name.
This meeting was to achieve multiple objectives in terms of brand recall of Royal Challenge when they watch Cricket, leave them with an experience and desiring for more. All activities were designed around cricket: bowling, batting and fielding. They also had a brush with the cricketers which elevated their experience. This was a competition and the cricketers rated them on their performance.
Requirement: Royal Challenge wanted the finalists to be tested on the cricket quotient to choose the winner and was in need of an interesting format which will appeal to the common denominator.
Solution: The interactive Game show with only the IPL and cricket content was designed to suit the event requirement. This was a multi city event held in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Delhi. The finalists fought the ultimate battle to be crowned in all the cities and all the remaining guests enjoyed the show.
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