Mobile Interface Solutions
Mobile Solutions - Interact and Vote
with smart phones during presentations
Our brand new interactive game show now comes with a sleek and scalable mobile user interface, an exciting scoring system and three attractive modules which will keep your audience in any live event engaged and entertained.

Some more special features includes unique IDs for each participating team or individual, real time dynamic scoring systems and for the rest we suggest you experience our video...
Voting Solution for Elections
We present modern age sleek and simple to use mobile phone based solutions for local elections at your clubs, social organisations, associations or educational institutes.

Just log on to the link provided by us, choose your candidates, confirm your choices and wait for the final results. It is as simple as that.

No paper work, no manual intervention, its a clean and an honest way to choose your representatives.
Mobile Ranking
Our powerful, user-friendly software can be used in all sorts of events to engage audiences.

Have them rank their favourite team in EPL, NBA, IPL, ISL or even local events where you want to rank the best dressed person, best dancer etc.

Participants can log on to the link provided by us, create a unique user ID. Rank various items and win exciting prizes too. All of this by simply using their mobile phone with good internet connection and being a part of non-stop fun...
Mobile Rating
You can now rate anything...with our simple to use mobile phone based solution...

Simply log on to the link provided by us, create your unique ID and get your participants to rate any topic or a series of items of your choice on a scale of 1 to 10.

Participants can view their own responses as well as get to see overall group ratings.

The client gets an exclusive access to all individual response which is collated on our backend files.
Guess the Tune
Listen to a piece of music in our live program. Answer a simple question based on it using our software on your mobile phones and win points for yourself or your team.

Just before the beginning on an event, you will be provided a link using which you will have to create a unique ID, you will then be directed to access our specially designed keypad with various response and scoring options. You are now ready to participate in the game. Listen to tunes played by the game show host and send your answers, check your scores, compare them with fellow players and play hard.
Guess the Picture
The rules are the same as ‘Guess the Tune’, the only difference in this module is that you need to answer the questions based on an image. It could be a scrambled image or a small part of an image. You will be tested either on general knowledge or just fun trivia. So go ahead, create your unique ID and start paying in your specially curated event with our mobile solutions.

The Solution Is Ideal For

  • Sales Seminars
  • Medical Symposia
  • Product Training
  • Concerts
  • Television Based Shows
  • Committee Elections

Mobile Interface Solutions

Live interaction with audience: With nothing more than a big presentation screen and a room full of mobile phones, you can spark a lively conversation that includes everyone to interact in the session.

Let your audience react to every slide and take interactivity to a new level.
How Does It Work?
  • Our service is fully web-based, all you need is a web browser using your mobiles or any desktop , it’s as simple as that!
  • Do not have any limitation on the number of participants, so feel free to present to large audiences!
  • Get instant responses using smart phones for voting
  • Visualize the results in real-time
  • 15eight4
  • Rating Solution
  • Ranking Solution
  • Guess the Tune
  • Guess the Picture
  • Voting Solution
Case Studies
AMD, the leading chip manufacturer, was part of the road trip to Pune, Delhi and Chennai to usher in a new product launch from Microsoft.
Nanavati Hospital
Nanavati Hospital in collaboration with GE Healthcare invited all the budding radiologists in Mumbai and Pune.
The HR of Accenture, Bangalore panned out an initiative to get different project teams along with their families
Oracle meets its business partners across the country to update about the business strategies, initiations on R & D and innovation.
Royal Challengers Bangalore
Royal Challenge, the brand behind the Royal Challengers Bangalore wanted to get in touch with the end consumer to promote the brand name.
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