History: *Google News Initiative workshop * was held for 5 days at Bangalore and Delhi.
American multinational company Google has started a new initiative in the field of Journalism to find fake facts/news that are going viral nowadays. The journalists representing various news channels, newspapers, magazines etc. from across India attended this workshop.
Requirement: We were asked to provide simultaneous interpretation solution in multiple languages to ensure that the foreign speakers’ presentation were understood by journalists from across India. We were asked to provide simultaneous interpretation solution in multiple languages to ensure that the foreign speakers’ presentation were understood by journalists from across India.
Solution: We put to use our very popular and powerful Simultaneous Interpretation Solution by providing each speaker a microphone to speak into and a receiver headset with multi channel functionality received unit to each listener.
Special sound proof booths were erected for regional language interpreters who in real-time translated the main speakers presentations for the benefit of the participating journalists.

It was a high impact solution which was lauded by all attendees.
History: Bosch is a leading multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Germany. They approached DNA Networks, a well known event agency from Bangalore to provide agency services to communicate some very important news to their employees working at the factory.
Requirement: DNA approached us to provide them with simultaneous interpretation system to translate the English keynote addresses of Senior Leaders from Germany to the over 500 Kannada speaking blue collared employees.
Solution: eM Play’s highly experienced Kannada translator was deployed with high-tech mikes, translating units, receivers with headsets, sound proof booths were set up for the translator and the event was executed flawlessly which helped the client execute a otherwise sensitive event with complete peace and satisfaction.
History: Siemens a German based company in Bangalore had organized an annual event in Ritz Carlton which is located in the heart of Bangalore city. The event was named Ingenuity Tour during which Siemens showcased their latest products. The event also witnessed a unique set-up using a BUS, were all the product demos were set up inside a bus.
Requirement: We were approached by a popular event agency based out of Mumbai to provide our assistive listening tool services for this very innovative event.
Solution: eM Play’s Guided Tour devices helped the client to conduct multiple demo sessions parallelly inside the bus without any interruption.
Each speakers were given a transmitter and all the delegates were provided with multi channel receiver units with headsets giving them access to all the demo presentations which were running parallels.
The delegates could chose there channel and listen to speakers of their choice.
Needless to say the client and their customers were extremely happy with our services and gave us a 5 star rating for our services.
History: Parry Sugars Refinery is one of the biggest sugar manufacturing unit in South India, a venture of Murugappa Group. Team Parry organized their biggest event to launch the Total Productivity Maintenance Strategy implementation in their plant called as TPM Kick Off Meet. This event also featured the MD’s visit to the plant, meeting the team, understand their roles and responsibilities, review productivity measure, safety policies inside the plant and to address the entire team.
Requirement: Since the Managing Director was a part of the tour, the team wanted to clearly explain the TPM (Total Productivity Maintenance Strategy) that was commissioned in the plant and their biggest challenge was that the tour needed to be conducted in the noisy environment of the factory and thus we were called in as experts to provide a effective solution to facilitate this process.
Solution: eM Play’s factory tour guide solution helped the team to communicate their new techniques, measures taken in safety module, efficiency, productivity improvements etc… without any disturbance. Our portable equipments were very easy to use both by the presenter and the listeners.
We were appreciated for our flawless execution and dedication to provide innovative solutions to make this difficult task look so easy.
History: Gartner is one of the leading research and advisory company in the world. Gartner conducts world class IT, marketing, sales and human resource conferences across the globe with learning labs.
Requirement: One of the well known event agency from Mumbai approached us for utilising our Assistive listening tool during the multiple learning labs booth to engage delegates during the break- out sessions to showcase their product and transfer knowledge.
Solution: Learning labs sessions were held parallel by multiple companies in open area during the break. eM Play’s assistive listening devices helped the client to conduct these parallel break-out sessions without any disturbance to other speakers and also cancelling all the external noise.
Headphones which were given to the delegates were well utilised as they did not miss any important piece of information from any of the speakers.
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