History: Inorbit, a premium and one of the biggest mall in Mumbai, Malad is known for its facilities, service of highest quality and is one of the malls which celebrated a Million foot falls in the third year of its operation. Continuing the tradition of attracting more foot falls in the summer of 2008, the plan was to pan out a quiz competition for the kids whose age ranged from 5 to 15.
Nickelodeon was the event partner; Radio City was the official Radio partner.
Requirement: A quick turnaround time to churn out the quizzes for toddlers, kids and teens was the need of the hour. To make the quiz format interesting so that every foot fall gets converted into a participant and to make the visit of a family more refreshing, thrilling and leave them with an experience of ‘wow’.
To give the quiz a touch of technology that can envisage all age groups. This logically led to M Play International being the technology partner.
Solution: The interesting mix of quiz modules not only bought interactivity among the participants but also the audience. The quiz modules bought in a lot of flexibility to content which made it possible to have a Nick-toon, kids quest and Inorbit Ka Genius (quizzes meant for different age groups) which carried a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000 for the winner.
170 quizzes and more than 2,000 questions churned out between May 2nd and May 18th. Juhi Chawla, Mandira Bedi and Nick characters Dora, Patrick, SpongeBob, Ninja Hattori shared the platform to encourage the participants.
History: Allergan, headquartered in Bangalore, made all executives from three zones, who achieved more than 100% of their target to congregate to choose the top 3 performers in each zone. All along the toppers were evaluated behind the closed doors.
6 toppers of 2007 were chosen from each zone and were allotted 75% weight-age on the sales target.
Requirement: The need was
  • To choose the top performers of 2007 in front of all top achievers who numbered around 150
  • To make the format more interesting and involving so that the toppers get a feeling of exclusivity
Solution: Each zone with 6 toppers was invited one after the other to play the game show in front of the elite club. Each individual was given the keypad to plug in the answer. The interactive game show had questions on the field which the executives excelled in, General knowledge panned categories like Culture, Sports, History, medical etc.
The interactive format, the varied questions and mix of game modules with the involvement of all the toppers made the exercise of choosing the winner easy, fun and entertaining.
History: Hexaware Technologies, an IT firm headquartered in Chennai had an annual tech meet for its employees in Chennai and Mumbai. The Tech Summit, as is the norm had a line-up of paper presentations from the employees and from speakers all across the globe.

As the main attraction of the event a Technical Quiz based on IT was bubbling under. A lot of preparation both in Mumbai and Chennai had gone into choosing the final 4 teams comprising of 2 people each.
Requirement: To make the quiz format interesting and to make the audience numbering around 1500 to be glued to the Quiz
To give the quiz a touch of technology.
Solution: The interesting mix of quiz modules not only bought interactivity among the participants but also the audience. The quiz modules bought in a lot of flexibility to content which made it possible to have a high-calibre quiz. The multiple options’ module, the RF keypads used as buzzers was novel-idea and the quiz lived up to the image of the Technical meet.
History: Fidelity Investments takes pride in its security measures adapted around the corporate premises. It wears this pride on its shoulders and ensures that no stone is unturned to educate its employees on various precautions, protocols to be followed and actions to be taken in case of emergencies.
  • To assess the practical knowledge of employees on Security
  • To increase awareness and imbibe the knowledge through interactivity
Solution: The team formation was driven through a campaign called ‘Kaun Banega Secureapati’. The teams who had pre-registered went through Quarter final, Semi finals and ultimately Finals.

The teams were given wireless keypads to participate. The filtering process was instant and in real time. Two locations in Bangalore and one location in Chennai were covered for this campaign.
History: InterfaceFlor is the world’s largest designer and maker of carpet tile. The sales executives from all over India congregated in Bangalore to look down the coming year and get updated on the new products in the pipeline.
  • To update the sales force on the new products in a manner that enlivens them
  • To test their retention
Solution: The product update was not the usual ‘We speak – you listen’ presentation. The products were presented in a maze which participants in teams had to traverse and read the information available.

At the end of the maze stood the area for the quiz. Again, the quiz was not the usual QnA but an interactive one with MCQ and the buzzer round played using the RF keypads.
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